Volkswagen CrossBlue

Volkwagen Crossblue Plug-In Diesel Hybrid

The hybrid has slowly evolved from the very basic and undesirable to the vehicle you see above. The CrossBlue by Volkswagen is a plug-in diesel hybrid that seats six and gets an amazing fuel economy of up to 89 MPG. The car features a 305 HP 2.0L turbo diesel engine, 2 electric motors, high-end leather seating, 10.2 inch touchscreen in the dash, 3D display, Fender high-quality audio system, and iPad Mini’s in the rear headrests. The CrossBlue is also made for the active lifestyle with third row seats as well as second row seats that fold down completely to haul any cargo needed. As of right now the vehicle is still considered a concept car but it surely looks close to production quality. A mix of elegance, usability, and practicality make this an SUV to look forward to if it ever sees the production line.

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