Unlimited Data Plan Options for the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Unlimited

The iPhone 5 boasts a beautiful Retina display, fast processor, and 4G speeds which means it’s perfect for consuming all types of media. Whether you’re streaming Netflix, listening to music on Pandora, or simply using your email the data used adds up quick. The negative part of this is that your wireless provider will charge you a fortune if you run over the allotted data amount which seems to be getting smaller and more expensive by the month. This is why if you’re a heavy data user you’re going to need to find some type of data plan that is either unlimited or nearly unlimited. We’ve done some research to help you figure out your options on getting unlimited data for the iPhone 5.

Get An Unlimited Plan from Sprint

Sprint Unlimited PlanSprint is right now the only major carrier who offers a truly unlimited plan. This means that no matter how much data you use (within reason) you won’t be charged extra. The unlimited plan for the iPhone 5 is $109 per month plus any local and state taxes. This means that you get unlimited data, minutes, and messaging including calls to landlines for $109 per month.

They also have another unlimited data plan where you get unlimited data and text but you pay for landline minutes with 450 minutes for $79/month and 900 minutes for $99/month. The plans with landline minutes are probably the best deal they have as most people rarely call landline phones and their mobile-to-mobile minutes are always free.

Keep Your AT&T (In Some Cases)
AT&T Unlimited PlanIf your a long-time AT&T customer you may have an unlimited account that is grandfathered in. This means that if you are currently on the unlimited plan from AT&T you can upgrade to the iPhone 5 while still keeping your plan. If you don’t currently have an unlimited plan then you’re out of luck. AT&T has all but done away with any plans resembling unlimited data. They offer extra data on each plan but the highest they offer is 5GB per month with a surcharge of $10 per 1GB you go over.

Purchase An iPhone 5 and Go With T-Mobile
T Mobile Unlimited PlanT-Mobile has arguably the best deal for unlimited data plans but the downside is you will have to purchase the iPhone 5 at full price. This means if you bought the iPhone 5 from the Apple Store you would pay $649 for the 16GB compared to $199 as subsidized by one of the major carriers.

The unlimited data plan from T-Mobile which includes unlimited data, talk, and text is just $89 per month. This includes unlimited 4G data if they offer 4G in your area. Over the long-run you’re going to end up saving money with the T-Mobile plan if you’re planning to stay with the same network for awhile. If you can fork over the $649+ for the unlocked iPhone 5 then you can get a lower monthly cost.

These are the current options for getting an unlimited plan. The trend towards using more data on our phones seems to be changing just as most wireless providers make data more expensive. This is why finding the right plan is essential as the overage charges can add up quickly if you’re using something like Netflix or simply using your phone as your main browsing tool. Look through some of the options above and never worry about going over your data again.

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