Ultrathin Keyboard Mini by Logitech

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini for iPad Mini

We’ve featured dozens of cases for the iPad Mini but this new keyboard case from Logitech looks like it could be in a league of its own. The Ultrathin Keyboard Mini by Logitech is a keyboard case for the iPad Mini that connects through bluetooth and a magnetic strip to give you access to a lightweight QWERTY keyboard anywhere you go. The case is not only sleek in design but also functional as the keyboard is ultra-lightweight at 208g and uses numerous short-cut buttons to allow you to work more efficiently. Once you’re done typing you can close it up to let the alluminum case protect it from bumps and scrapes or detach is easily to watch the latest on Netflix.

A big knock on tablets is that they don’t allow the functionality for those who use it for work or simply want to be able to type when needed. Cases like the Ultrathin Keyboard Mini are bridging that gap and making those complaints a thing of the past. The case is available now in both black and white for a price of $79.99 at most retailers including the Logitech online store.

Price: $79.99

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