Take Time-Lapse Photos with Your iPhone Using Camalapse

iPhone Time-Lapse Photography Camalapse

Taking time-lapse photos on your iPhone without any tools is not only a pain but it can be nearly impossible to really pull off. The Camalapse is a new tool from Photojojo that allows you to take time-lapse photos with your iPhone up to 360° without ever having to move to phone. You can hook up a large number of devices including the iPhone as mentioned as well as many Android phones, iPod Touch, iPad, select Android tablets, and compact digital cameras. The simple device simply winds up to the degrees you want to shoot and slowly rotates without the need for batteries.

To use the Camalapse you need to attach your iPhone or other compatible device to the device via a tripod adapter such as the Glif. Once your phone is secure on the device you then turn the Camalapse anywhere from a small turn clear up to 360°. According to their website it takes about 15 minutes to go 90-degrees and will go completely in a circle in about an hour. There’s no batteries needed so hook up your phone and start filming. You can purchase the device from the Photojojo website where you can get stuck for hours and probably drain your bank account looking at all of the accessories they have in-stock. The product by itself is just $25 but they also offer it with a tripod adapter included for $45. The Camalapse is a cool piece of equipment that does a unique job like no other piece of equipment currently on the market.

Price: $25-$45

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