Super Nintendo Games Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Super Nintendo games for iPhone, Android, iPad, and Tablets

The nostalgia of firing up on old game for Super Nintendo is hard to beat. Most of us by now have either sold our SNES or the cartridges are so old they won’t play no matter how much you blow into them. The good part is that many of the most popular games for Super Nintendo have been ported over to the iPhone, iPad, and even Android so you can play these games without the need for jail-breaking or downloading emulators. We’ve put together a list of some of the more popular games that we’ve found that you can download today.

Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy 3Final Fantasy III is one of the most popular RPG’s on the Super Nintendo and it’s now available for select Android devices. The game is an updated version that came out in 2006 but has all of the original storylines and gameplay. Even though you may be jumping at the thought of getting to play this classic you may be turned off by the high price of $15.99.
Android ($15.99) | iOS ($15.99)

NBA Jam for iPhoneNBA Jam is still one of the most popular sports gaming franchises and the name alone will bring back great memories. The new version available for iPhone, iPad, and Android has all of the classic gameplay with new players and in-app purchases to get more players and features. The iOS version is 99 cents due to add-on’s but the Android version is more because it already comes with the additional add-on packs installed.
iOS ($0.99) | Android ($5.07)

Chrono Trigger
Chrono TriggerAside from the previously mentioned FF3, this game was one of the top RPG’s for the Super Nintendo. The game has been ported over to mobile devices and tablets but from the reviews it looks like it wasn’t done very well. If you’re desperate to try to the game out you might go for it but for the casual gamer looking to play some older games you might avoid this until they get it fixed.
Android ($9.99) | iOS ($9.99)

Streets Of Rage
Streets of Rage iPhoneStreets of Rage is one of the classic beat-em-up games where you can choose your favorite renegade cop and clear the streets. The game has numerous levels and over 40 different attacks including those with weapons like bats and lead pipes. The game is also priced currently at only 99 cents.
iOS ($0.99)

Paperboy: Special Delivery
Paperboy Special DeliveryEven though it’s one of simplest games available on the Super Nintendo it became a classic game played by millions. Due to it’s simple nature it made for an easy transition over to mobile devices so you could go the same gameplay with very few adjustments.
iOS ($0.99)

The Dream List Of Super Nintendo Games Available On Mobile:
We also put together a list of games we would like to see be made available on mobile and tablets.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Super Mario World
Donkey Kong Country
Mortal Kombat
Mario Kart
Final Fight 2

What games did we miss on our list or what games would you like to see ported over to iOS or Android? Leave it in the comments below.


  • Reply November 13, 2012


    If they would make Mario available for iPhone I probably wouldn’t be getting much done. I actually didn’t know they had many of these games available. I would like to see Mario, Zelda, and the entire Donkey Kong series. A few of the games you said such as Mortal Combat would be too tough to play on the iPhone or even the iPad unless you hooked up a controller which would defeat the purpose.

    • Reply November 13, 2012


      On the iPad and Android tablets these games are usually built so that a SNES-like controller appears on-screen to use at the bottom. It may not be the same thing but it allows for a little more control.

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