Stickman Base Jumper Review (iPhone)

Stickman Base Jumper iPhone

Stickman Base Jumper is one of those games that when you hear about it you think it’s just another of the dozens of stickman games available. While most of the stickman games are supbar this is where Stickman Base Jumper is very different.

When firing up the game you can choose from from starting the game right away, choosing what level to start at, changing around options such as sound, or viewing your highest scores while seeing jumps in the background as you make your choice. In a Angry Birds-esque fashion you can choose from up to five different levels as you unlock each which range from the easiest jumps possible to night jumping with many more obstacles in the fifth section.

The game is one that is very simple and at the same time hard to put down. You start by walking your stickman back from a jumping surface until you hit anything from 10 yards to 60 yards depending on how fast you want him running for the jump. Next you click your screen when you want him to jump from the surface sending him into a free-fall towards the goal. The goal is marked by a flag in the middle and a surface area in which you have to land. Once you’re getting close you open up your shoot but you have to make sure that you hit your goal area within the time allotted while not going so fast you splash your guts on the ground.

The overall graphics of the game are impressive for a platform game with the small details such as fog, building in the backgrounds, and the way the character moves in the wind making a big difference. One aspect of the game that may be overlooked by some but is still very important is the sound. When your character is falling to the ground the sound of whipping wind makes you feel the speed at which the stickman is falling and the background music adds a sense of urgency and consequence to the situation.

So overall this app is one of the very few that is worth all of its 99 cents in the app store. Stickman Base Jumper is simple yet addicting to the point where you will be say “just one more jump” and find yourself still playing an hour later. The app can be downloaded in the iTunes app store for 99 cents and can also be downloaded for free on Android phones through the Google Play marketplace.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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    The game is pretty good but a little frustrating at times.

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