Putter Pool Indoor Game

Putter Pool Indoor Game Amazon

Pool Putter takes the addictiveness of putting and combines that with the competitiveness of pool to create an indoor game that could be an instant classic. The game plays just like a combination of the two where you try to get your balls into one of six holes by putting. The strategy comes into play by being able to knock your opponents out of position and even off the green itself. The kit comes with two carbon fiber golf clubs, 16 balls, and the rest of the pieces seen in the photo to complete the Putter Pool green. The game is easy to set up by just rolling out the green mat and attaching the accessories. While I don’t think you will be seeing Putter Pool games televised anytime soon, you can’t go wrong by combining two classic games in an addicting way where even the lesser-skilled among us can thrive and compete.

Price: $79.99

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