Otterbox Armor Case Review – The Indestructible Waterproof Case

Otterbox Armor Series Case

We’ve featured dozens of phone cases over the past year but when we received this case from Otterbox we had to put it to the test. The Otterbox Armor Case is a case within the new Armor Series of cases from Otterbox that claim to be the toughest on the market. The cases are waterproof, drop proof, dust proof, and crush proof as noted on the packaging. Each claim of course has its boundaries with the waterproofing meaning that the case can be submerged for 30 minutes in water up to 6 feet and the case is drop proof up to 10 ft. on concrete. Even though their are some boundaries these still far exceed what will likely happen to your phone with everyday use.

Right out of the box you can feel that the case is built very well. There are many cases on the market that claim to be drop proof and crush proof but from the second you pick this case up you know it means business. The entire outside of the case is built with industrial-strength reinforced plastic with two metal latches keeping the case together. The screen protector is completely clear and allows for complete control of the phone while maintaining the waterproof seal. On the back the camera is also protected by scratch resistant glass making pictures come out crystal clear. The rest of the phones buttons are made of a soft rubber while the ports are sealed off with silicone cover. To top it off the inside of the case is covered in silicone making it so your phone has a snug fit but also making sure that your phone doesn’t get scratched while enduring what the outside of the case can hold up to.

If there are any negatives to the case it would be that it’s bulky. Since this phone is built to be nearly indestructible, and also waterproof, I would say that it being bulky is expected. Another potential downside is that since it’s completely sealed off the audio isn’t as great including when you’re talking on the phone. In our tests the in-coming voice audio was good but we received complaints on how it was slightly muffled coming from our end on our calls. This was only a slightly problem and is another expected downside of having cases that are completely sealed off.


  • The case provides total protection. Whether you drop it into water, lose it in a dusty area, or drop it off a building you’re phone is still has a good chance of being perfectly fine.
  • A name you can trust. The Otterbox name is one of the top names in phone cases because they never put out products that aren’t top notch. This case is another in their series of phones that works as it’s advertised.
  • Multiple phone options. Right now they have the case available in the three most popular phones available including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and the Samsung Galaxy S3. They may also be adding other phones soon as they have done with previous new series they’ve unveiled.


  • The case is bulky. The case is pretty bulky overall but that’s what you get when you want a case that case handle bumps, dirt, and water.
  • Microphone seems lower. After a few tests we had a few complaints that our voice sounded lower and a little muffled when the case was on compared to when we weren’t using it.


Overall the case is built for tough situations. It may not be a case you keep on your phone everyday but if you’re in a tough work environment or hiking through the mountains you will want this case protecting your phone. The case is perfect for those working in tough conditions such as at industrial sites, military, etc. The phone is also ideal for adventurers who want to carry their cell phone while hiking without worrying about it getting wet or dirty. The current price tag on the Armor Case by Otterbox is around $100. The case is available now on the Otterbox website as well as select electronics and phone stores including the AT&T online store.

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