Orobis – Micro USB to Lightning Cable

Micro USB to Lightning Cable from Orobis

Most of us have multiple devices that all seem to use different charging cables. Whether it’s the new lightning cable for the iPhone or the micro USB used by most Android devices. There always seems to be a pile of cables you have to sort through to find the right one. The Orobis is a patented cable that combines both lightning cable and micro USB in a sleek way so you’ll never have to use multiple cables again. The minimalist and well throughout design also means that the lightning cable flips 180 degrees to keep it out of the way and ensure the micro USB has enough clearance space to plug into most devices. For those with both Apple and Android products this is your go-to cable for all situations.

The Orobis is an IndieGoGo project which means they’re raising funds to bring this product to stores with the minimum price to purchase a cable starting at $25. It should be out sometime around May (2013) and comes in both white and black.

Price: $25+

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