Nomad Lightning Cable – The Lightning Cable For Your Keychain

Nomad Lightning Cable

For those who use their phones religiously, there’s always been a time when your battery is about to die but you don’t have a cable to charge it. Now that the iPhone 5 and iPad mini have switched over to the lightning cable you might not always have a friend with a compatible cable. The Nomad Lightning Cable is a simple 3-inch lightning cable that can connect to your keychain. This solves your problem by giving you both the compatibility with the new lightning charger and also the ability to carry it anywhere without the extra bulk. The cable is flexible enough to be jammed into any USB charger available while also sturdy enough for the wear and tear of being attached to your keychain.

The lightning cables in the Nomad are purchased directly from Apple. This assures that the quality of the cable stays high and you don’t get the long list of problems associated with most knockoff or off-brand cables. This is a Kickstarter project so you will have to contribute to the project in order to get a Nomad cable from the first batch available. The minimum contribution to get a cable starts at just $5 and goes up in price depending on what you get with your contribution to the project. As you get into some of the higher contribution you also get free accessories thrown. There will also be a good selection of colors available in the future once the Kickstarter project is funded. The Nomad is a brilliantly simple idea that could not only be your cable in an emergency but your go-to lightning cable for any time you need a charge.

Price: Starting at $5

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