Manage Your Student Loans with Student Loan Management

The debt from student loans is becoming a huge problem across the country. Many students are leaving college with huge loans that they will probably spend most of their life paying back. Managing these crushing loans feels like trying to navigate a maze of lenders, schools, and banks. is trying to change this by providing easy-to-use tools that help you make sense of your student loans. The service is essentially a Mint for student loans where you can put in your information and get a simple interface to help you understand your payments and lenders along with other details such as interest and potential to save.

Most students leave college with multiple lenders holding their loans as well as federal loans being handed off to other non-profits who will handle the processing. Whether it’s a federal student loan or a private student loan you’re still going to have to make payments on time and knowing who you owe money to and when is an absolute.’s platform allows you to put in your information and through their partnership with most major loan issuers they can figure out exactly who you owe money to. The platform then shows all of the loans including the total you owe as well as how much you owe on each individual loan. Once all of your loans are into the system you can keep track of payments and also optimize the payments of these loans. Where the student loan management platform excels is that it not only manages but helps you optimize your repayment schedule. For most students who leave college with a low paying job and piles of debt this is priceless.

Even though the service is still in Beta you can sign up now for free. No word on if they’ll charge for advanced services and features in the future but right now there’s no charge at all for helping you manage your loans. As more students graduate from college buried in confusing and crushing debt you’re going to need a guide and that guide may just be

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