JuiceCane – Scalable Mobile Battery Pack

Juicecane Indiegogo

During the recent hurricanes and other extreme weather events we saw people without power traveling around aimlessly trying to find a place to plug in their phones that had become their only connection to the outside world. If your phone’s battery goes dead then you not only lose your ability to call emergency services and family members but also lose severe weather updates, email and more.

The JuiceCane is your solution to these problems by always having a battery pack available to charge your devices through USB while having the ability to stack chargers to give even longer battery life. The battery pack has 2 USB connections to be able to simultaneously charge your devices. The JuiceCane also has an ascetically pleasing design that looks good while also being lightweight enough to carry with you in a backpack without noticing the extra weight like many other larger portable charger. Aside from the USB charging they also have a 2.3W LED light built-in along with other accessories including a lightning USB adapter, car charger plugin, and tops for the lights to create a lantern effect.

Each individual JuiceCan will fully charge your iPhone up to three times and the newest generation of the iPad up to two times. As you add more cans to the mix you get the JuiceCane which can of course double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of charge time for your device by simply placing them together.

This is an IndieGoGo project which means they’re raising money for the production of these products. Each contribution starting at $33 will get you a JuiceCan plus other accessories as noted on the website. You of course will have to purchase the package with multiple cans to create the JuiceCane with larger battery life. Since we rely so much on our phones these days it’s almost essential that you have another backup charger like this product. So never be left without a way to charge your phone or tablet again with the JuiceCane.

Price: $33+

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