How Does Living Social Work?

Living SocialFor those who don’t know, Living Social ( is a deals website offering one deal a day per city. The deals can be anything from 90% off a haircut to 80% off sporting event tickets such as for a football game. They can give such a large discount because there has to be a minimum amount of people buying the deal before it goes live for you to claim. Below is a quick guide answering the question of “How Does Living Social Work” in detail.

How Does Living Social Work?
1. Go to and sign up with your email for a free account.
2. Find a deal in your city that interests you (over 50 cities worldwide). If you don’t see a deal currently then you can just wait as you will get an email daily with all of the deals in your area as well as national deals from major retails.
3. Simply click to buy the deal you want and the deal is yours with one click once you’ve set up your account. Most of these deals are 30% to 90% off the original price but always make sure you double-check pricing.
4. If that deal hits the minimum amount of buys needed to be claimed then you will receive a voucher link via email. Once you receive this voucher then you’ll have to follow the merchant’s instructions included to go and claim your deal.

Example Deals From LivingSocial:
$10 For $30 of Food at ABC Restaurant in Chicago
$150 for 6 Month Membership To XYZ Gym in Los Angeles (regularly $400)
Pay $20 for a $50 Gift Certificate to BIG NAME ONLINE RETAILER
and so on

LivingSocial Instant Deals:
LivingSocial Instant DealsRecently, Living Social released a new feature called Instant Deals which has real-time deals in your city. For instance, if you’re trying to find a place to go to lunch that day you can check the instant deals via their website or mobile app to see who in your neighborhood has deals on select dishes or other coupons to get a great discount to make your decision easier.

Sign Up For A Free Account
how does living social workAs you can see the process for Living Social is simple and once you sign up you’ll receive their emails daily with the deal for that day in your city. Also, when you purchase your deal you will also get a special link that you can send to friends where if three friends also buy then your deal is FREE. From time to time they will also send emails showing the new LivingSocial Escapes which is deals for travel to luxury resorts for a certain percentage off. So get a free account at to get started or just check things out.

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ps. If you want to know how Groupon works we have a similar post on that too. Many of these daily deal sites work the same with a few slight differences between them. We have a list of the best daily deal sites available for you to check out as well since there are now so many to choose from.


  • Reply March 14, 2013

    Sarah Garbarino

    I just saw a deal on filling easter baskets with candy for $15 instead of $30 but unlike other % off deals, how do I get my candy?? Do I get a voucher for any store like say WalMart? That’s why I didn’t buy. Thanks

    • Reply March 14, 2013


      I’ve purchased from LivingSocial in the past and with most deals they will give you a voucher. Once you purchase you will be given a voucher code and usually a unique link to the store in which you’re purchasing the deal. After that you just apply it like any other coupon. This isn’t how all of them work but most do. LivingSocial is usually pretty quick to answer questions as well if you send it to their customer service department to get an exact answer.

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