GameKlip – Controller For Your Mobile Games


As mobile games get better, it’s still tough to play many games without a controller. Touching the screen to move characters might be great in Angry Birds but in more advanced games this just doesn’t cut it. The GameKlip is a device that attaches your PS3 controller to your phone to make it so you never have an excuse again not to be in full control of your mobile games. No matter if it’s shooting zombies in Dead Trigger or taking over Liberty City in GTA III you should now be able to work the controls with ease.

To get the GameKlip to work you can either connect the dual-shock PS3 controller to your phone through micro-USB that comes with the controller if you choose that model or if you have a rooted Android phone you can play wirelessly by using one of a few apps that make this possible. The device clips to your PS3 controller without obstructing any buttons and then snaps around your phone or case depending on the model.

You can buy the GameKlip for $14.99 for both the Samsung Galaxy SIII version and the Universal Mount version. They also sell cheap cases for around $3 which makes it perfect for mounting the controller without tearing up a more expensive case. The GameKlip is compatible with a large number of Android phones but unfortunately isn’t currently available with iPhone because of it’s lack of ability to connect to the PS3 controller. They have a list of compatible devices on their website. The PS3 controller and phone are also of course sold separately. The product is available now to ship to any locations through the United States, Canada, and UK as well as many other international locations. So enhance your experience with mobile games by grabbing a GameKlip and enjoy a completely new control over popular games.

Price: $14.95

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