Folio – Phone Case That Does Nearly Everything

Folio All-In-One Phone Case

We’ve featured all types of phone cases that do everything from doubling as your wallet to opening your beer. The Folio is a phone case for the iPhone 5 that combines a wallet, earbud management with cord wrap, extra storage compartment, and of course a hard shell to protect the phone from everyday use while covering all other aspects. The wallet section holds a small amount of cash plus up to three credit cards or other cards such as ID’s. The earbud management has a cord wrap and a section for the earbuds to fit in securely so they’re not bouncing around all day. The other extra compartment is built-in to hold small things such as medicine and gum to complete the features for the case.

The Folio case is constructed with a mix of leather and plastic with the outer shell being hardened to protect your phone from bumps and scrapes while keeping the inside scratch-free. While the Folio case is far from minimalist, the overall bulk isn’t much more than you would expect from many larger cases on the market that don’t offer any of the secondary features. If you’re someone who’s constantly on the go and looking to combine everything into one then check out the Folio, exclusively for the iPhone 5.

Price: $39.99

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