Festival of Frugality #333

Festival of FrugalityWe’re hosting this weeks Festival of Frugality where we are featuring some of the best articles about frugality, personal finance, and general life situations to hopefully help you gain some insight. We have a good selection of reads with everything from the editor’s choice of a walk-through of getting pre-approved for a mortgage from PT Money to other articles covering frugal funerals, airline miles, auto insurance, and so on. Check them all out below.

Editor’s Choice:

The editor’s choice for this week is the article from PT Money about receiving his Home Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter. In the post he takes you through his experience with getting a pre-approval letter as well as the importance of a pre-approval letter and how to increase your chances of being approved.

This Week’s Top Frugality and Finance Posts:

Wyndham Credit Card: Not Always the Best Deal by Laura of NerdWallet where she reviews the Wyndham credit card and also provides some alternatives where you can probably get an overall better travel rewards experience.

Buying a Used Car Seat: Is It Worth It? by Ashley at Everything Finance Blog where she goes in-depth on whether it’s actually worth it to buy a used car seat after factoring in everything from insurance to safety.

Do You Have To Pay Tax On Airline Miles? by Kevin at Free From Broke where he answers that question including whether frequent flier miles are taxable as well as other gifts and rewards you receive.

Where to Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday by Miranda at Bargaineering because who doesn’t want free stuff, especially on your birthday.

Even More Top Frugal Living and Finance Posts:

The rest of the posts cover just about anything you could want to learn about being frugal and taking control of your finances. From learning how to have a green and frugal funeral to an opinion piece on the Buffett Rule that was recently rejected by the senate.

What are the Accepted Limits of Free Refills? by Free Money Finance.

How to Pay Less for Auto Insurance: Top 10 Tips by Bible Money Matters.

Get Ready For More Credit Card Fees… by Card Hub

A Green and Frugal Funeral by Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Senate Rejects Buffett Rule – Fighting Stupidity with Logic by Darwin’s Money

Save Money By Shopping In Pawn Shops by My Broken Coin

Give Yourself Financial Hope by Broken Professionals

Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year by Making These Four Drinks at Home by Personal Finance Journey

Avoid Starbucks and Make your Own Gourmet Mocha Coffee! by Free Money Wisdom

SpringCoin Helps You Budget Away Your Debt? by Lazy Man and Money


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