Deal: Vizio Home Theater Soundbar for $49.99

Vizio Soundbar

TigerDirect has a daily deal today to get nearly 40% off the Vizio Home Theater Soundbar. The deal is you get the Vizio Soundbar for just $49.99 which is around 38% off the original price of $79.99. The Vizio Home Theater 32-inch Soundbar is a surround sound experience in a compact size. It offers surround sound, hand-built full range transducers, RCA and 3.5mm connectors, and a remote control. This soundbar is ideal for TV’s in the range of 32-inches to 42-inches.

This model is a quality-refurbished model from TigerDirect so make sure you read up on the warranty and other conditions that come with a refurbished product. You can add a 1-year warranty for just $9. This deal is a 24 hour deal and expires at midnight tonight (1/21). Continue through the link below to access this sale.

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