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CheapOAir Coupons and Promo Code
CheapOAir is an online travel website that can help you find great deals and discounts on flights, hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, cruises and much more. You can book travel to all of the most popular travel destinations including New York, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Los Angeles and many other cities. Take a look at all of the available promo codes and coupons below to help you save big when booking your next trip to anywhere in the world.

Latest CheapOAir Promo Codes and Coupons

Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir SUMMER15″ /]
$15 Off Flights and Hotels – when you book a hotel or flight from CheapOAir you can use this coupon code to get an instant $15 off that total. Click through the promo code to be taken to the page with full details on how to claim this deal.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir BEACH15″ /]
$15 Off Beach Getaways – click through the promo code to activate this deal in which you can get an instant $15 off your beach getaway when you book with CheapOAir. Check page for a selection of beach getaways. This code will expire on July 31st.
20% Off 4-Star Hotels – save up to 20% off select 4-star hotels in the United States, Caribbean, Mexico, and more through the CheapOAir deals section. No discount code or coupons required.
Save When Combining Flight and Hotel – save big at CheapOAir when you combine your flight with a hotel or vacation package. Applies to select flights and hotels. Click through coupon to claim the deal. No promo code or discount code required.
RoundTrip Flights for $199 or less – get select round-trip flights in the United States for $199 or less when booked through CheapOAir’s cheap round trips sections. Click through link to activate.
$96 Round Trip To Vegas – get round-trip flights to Las Vegas starting at just $96 from airlines such as Jet Blue, United, and more. Click through to activate and find your deal.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir STUDENT10″ /] (click to activate/copy)
$10 Off For Students – if you’re a student you can get $10 off the total price of your travel by using the promo code above. Redeem the code above by clicking it to copy. This deal ends soon.

Expired or Unreliable Promo Codes and Coupons

Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir SPRING15″ /]
$15 Off Flights – get an instant $15 off select spring flights when you click through the promo code and place it at checkout on Some exclusions may apply. Expires on April 30th.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir BREAK15″ /]
$15 Off Spring Getaways and Vacations – save an instant $15 off your getaways and vacations for the spring by simply using the coupon code provided when you checkout. This deal applies to the select vacation destinations and flights as noted on the page provided through the link above. This $15 off deal expires on April 15th.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOair HOTEL15″ /]
$15 Off Hotel Bookings – book your hotel through CheapOair to get an additional $15 off your booking. Can be applied with other hotel promotions listed on the website including other percent off promotions.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOair TRAVEL15″ /]
$15 Off Flights – when booking a flight you can get $15 off when you use this coupon. Select airlines may not be available for this discount.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir CAR10″ /]
$10 Off Car Rentals – get up to $10 off car rentals with the CheapOAir promo code supplied above. Click to activate the deal and paste it on checkout to save on your car rental.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir VP50″ /]
$50 Off Vacation Packages – hurry and save $50 off your next vacation package by using the promo code above. Applies to select vacation packages on the CheapOAir vacation packages section. Click promo code to activate deal.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir LASTMIN10″ /]
$10 Off Last Minute Deals! – save even more on last minute travel deals by using the promo code provided above to grab an extra $10 off the total price. Click through the discount code to claim.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir FIRST35″ /]
$35 Off First Class Flights – get $35 off first class flights booked through when using the promo code found above. Applies to first class flights only. Click through promo code to activate.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir EUROPE15″ /]
$15 Off Travel and Flights to Europe – book a flight to Europe as well as a vacation to get this deal where you can get an instant $15 off your total. Check page for full details on this Europe exclusive promotion from CheapOAir.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir LM15″ /]
$15 Off Last-Minute Flights – use the CheapOAir promo code to get $15 off last-minute flights to dozens of locations through the United States. Use code at checkout.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir HOLIDAY15″ /]
$15 Off Flights – use the code provided to take an extra $15 off the total of your flight booked on CheapOAir. This applies on top of the discounts already shown on the website.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir NY15″ /]
15% Off The Regular Price – take advantage of this deal for 15% off your total price to get even larger savings on flights that are close to 50% off retail. Click through code to activate and check page for full details.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir NYC50″ /]
$50 Off Flight Tickets for 5+ Travelers – book a trip for five travelers or more to take advantage of this deal to get $50 off your total.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOAir EASTER10″ /]
$10 Off Flights – use the CheapOAir promo code above to get $10 off your select flights that already have discounted prices including domestic and international flights to various locations around the world.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOair TRAVEL20″ /]
$20 Off Flights from CheapOAir – get $20 off domestic and international flights booked for two passengers from CheapOair using the promo code above. Code expires soon.
Promo Code: [coupon code=”CheapOair FALL10″ /] (click to activate/copy)
$10 Off Flights from CheapOAir – get $10 off your flight when using the promo code above on checkout of Applies to both domestic and international flights. Click promo code to activate deal. Expires on October 21st.

About CheapOAir

CheapOAir located at is an online travel booking company that specializes in flights. They help those looking for flights book their flights to destinations around the world for the cheapest price possible. By focusing on mostly airlines and flights they can provide deals on air travel that many major airlines don't provide including discounts of up to 50% off. They also provide many more promo codes and coupons than major airline websites and some of the major online travel agencies. You can find one-way and round-trip flights on their website to anywhere in the world including Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, and more on the domestic side to international destinations like the Caribbean, Paris, Barcelona, Beijing and more.

How To Use CheapOAir Promo Codes and Coupons

You can search through all of the deals we have for CheapOAir above. If you see a coupon link with no code then just click through the link to claim your discount. If there's a promo code associated with the deal then you need to click through the code to claim the deal and copy that code to your browser. Next just paste that promo code on the checkout of CheapOAir to claim your discount if it's still active. If you still don't see a deal here that helps you save then check out their official website below which has even more deals such as last minute flights and more.

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Updated CheapOAir Promo Code for November 2015.