Cheapest iPhone 5 Plans

Cheapest Plans for the iPhone 5 and Deals

The iPhone 5 is one of the most popular phones out on the market today. There are many deals for the iPhone to get the actual phone for cheap but many people overlook the real cost of the phone which is the monthly plan. In this quick guide we’ve done our research to help you find the cheapest iPhone 5 plans available as well as the best plans we could find that still have a decent amount of minutes, text, and data. We looked at plans from the major wireless carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile as well as secondary providers like Straight Talk to find the best plans. So take a look at our guide to the cheapest iPhone 5 plans on the market today to help you find the best value and price when selecting your carrier. In order by total monthly plan price.

Straight Talk iPhone 5Straight Talk iPhone 5 Plan ($45/month) – the plan from Straight Talk is the cheapest plan we found but this comes with secondary expenses. The cheapest plan we could find that would work with the iPhone 5 (and other iPhone models) is for $45 per month. This of course doesn’t include the phone like other plans so you would have to purchase the iPhone separately. Walmart has deals to finance the phone for a low monthly price which can still make it cheaper than many major carriers. The plan includes unlimited text, messages, and data for just $45 per month with the option for more if you pre-pay for an entire year’s worth of service.

Sprint iPhone 5Sprint iPhone 5 Plan ($79.99/month) – Sprint has been promoting their iPhone and other smartphone plans where you can get unlimited everything including minutes and data for one low cost. The unlimited plan is great but we think you can find better value in their “Everything Data” plan that gives you unlimited messaging and data plus 450 minutes for just $79 per month. The 450 minutes is for landlines and you get unlimited minutes to any mobile. So unless you’re calling numerous landline phones each month you’re wasting money going with the “Simply Everything” plan.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Plan ($80/month)T-Mobile Cheap iPhone 5 PlanT-Mobile has unveiled new plans recently that are supposed to lower the price for many smartphone users and give more transparency to the process of buying the phone with plan included. The plan we chose as the best value is the plan that gives you unlimited talk and text along with 2.5 GB of monthly data. This plan comes out to a total of $70 per month but you must also purchase the iPhone. If you qualify you can finance the phone and get it for $20 per month extra. This would put the real total at around $80 per month before taxes and fees.

Verizon iPhone 5 Plan ($100/monthVerizon Wireless iPhone 5 PlanVerizon has now switched over to the “Share Everything” plans which will give you a certain amount of data to share among your devices depending on your exact plan. The cheapest plan they have for the iPhone 5 comes in at $100 per month. This includes unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 2GB of shared data. Each new line added to the data will be $40 with other taxes and fees which will add to the total depending on where you live.

How We Find The Best and Cheapest iPhone 5 Plans

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the world. The iPhone 5 has many new features when compared with previous models such as a larger screen and faster processor which make it ideal for many smartphone users. Finding a great deal on a plan can save you hundreds of dollars a year. If you’re a heavy data user than finding the right plan may save you even more plus let you have the full experience of the iPhone without getting your data throttled or having to worry about going over the data while trying to enjoy your phone. This is why we made a quick guide to the different iPhone 5 plans available including what we feel are the best deals available on phone plans for the iPhone.

The first thing we look at is the overall plan to make sure that there is at least some coverage around the United States. If you find a plan from a secondary carrier that’s dirt cheap it wouldn’t matter if they didn’t have coverage in most areas you visit. So by looking at coverage and the overall reviews of the carrier you can get an idea on what the quality of your service will be. Just because the carrier is a big name doesn’t mean it will give you the best service. Many of the secondary carriers use the same networks for voice and data so if you can get it cheaper then you will be essentially getting the same product for less.

Next we take a look at any extra fees each month that can include overage fees, data add-on fees, activation fees and so on. Many times you think you have a great deal but the nickel and diming of fees can make the other plan much cheaper. In the past some of the major carriers have charged extra fees for phones like the iPhone because they believe that more data will be used by customers using these phones. This was a way to squeeze extra money out of their customers for no real reason at all. Much of that has stopped now since other popular smartphones have hit the market that heavy data users have purchased but charges like these can still remain but are hidden in the fine print. So before you checkout make sure you also calculate in the taxes and activation fees before you hit the submit button.

As always, make sure you also try to grab a promo code or coupon before you checkout. You can find coupons for all of the major carriers mentioned here as well as even a Straight Talk promo code to help you save a few extra dollars. These coupons are more rare for the iPhone but you can sometimes find a generic coupon from a carrier or at least get something like free shipping, free activation, or free accessories like a case with your purchase.

While we do our best to get the most up to date information on the cheapest iPhone plans we can’t make any guarantees. If you’re trying to compare the plans for your unique sitution the best way to do it is to simulate a purchase with each wireless provider. Click through the links above to be taken to their iPhone 5 pages then go through the entire process of picking your plan. Once you’re at checkout they should give you a rundown of your monthly charge, total cost of the iPhone 5, and any other fees they’ve tacked on. If you have any questions about this guide leave them in the discussion below.

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