Cheapest Cell Phone Plan For The iPhone

iPhone Cheap Phone PlanThe iPhone is undoubtedly the hottest phone on the market and has been for the past five or so years. As more mobile companies get access to sell the phone and provide plans there are more opportunities for you to save. So we decided to try to find the cheapest cell phone plan for the iPhone. Looking through the plans we are going to look at individual plans that provide sufficient minutes and data for the average users. This of course doesn’t take into affect termination fees, surcharges, and other fees that are the control of the phone users. The price of the actual phone isn’t included in the plan price since it’s not part of the actual phone plan and the prices are the same across the board as controlled by Apple.


AT&TAT&T was of course the first company to offer the iPhone and with that came millions of new customers. They still are one of the top sellers of the iPhone with all models and numerous plans.

Apple iPhone 4s 16 GB, Nation 900 Minutes, DataPro 4GB Data, Unlimited Text Messaging.
Total: $124.99/month

Verizon Wireless:

Verizon WirelessVerizon was the second major carrier to get the iPhone and now that they’ve had it for some time it seems like most customers are happy with it. The plan we chose had 2GB’s of data which is plenty for those who are average users of data but power users who want to stream a lot of movies, etc may want to look for a larger data plan.

Apple iPhone 4s 16GB, 900 anytime minutes, 5GB Data Bundle, Unlimited Text Messaging.
Total: $129.99/monthly


SprintSprint was just recently able to sell the iPhone which includes the newest model available, the 4s. One thing that stands out with Sprint is that they do have a $10 monthly surcharge for their iPhone plans.

iPhone 4s 16GB, 900 Anytime minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data. ($10 surcharge)
Total: $99.99/month

So Who Has The Cheapest Plan?

So after checking through all of the data it seems the cheapest plan available at the time of this post is Sprint. There plan when compared to the other plans that are similar comes in with a total of $99.99 a month. The plan for the iPhone includes 900 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited text messaging. The original price of the plan came out to $89.99 but at checkout they added an extra $10 charge per month for select high data usage phones like the iPhone. Remember that AT&T and Verizon both started off with unlimited data plans but later switched over to tiered plans within a few months of getting the iPhone. This of course doesn’t take into affect the service speed in your area but in most major metro areas there isn’t a huge difference in speed and coverage. So overall right now with the plans we compared for the iPhone, Sprint is the cheapest plan available.

In our research we simply took the cheapest individual plan we could find for the iPhone and tried to find any surcharges or extra data fees associated with the phone as well as the purchase price which stays consistent across all companies. We then made sure we had comparable plans across the networks. All prices for these plans are for new customers and those extending the regular 2-year agreements as rarely does someone fork out $700 for the new iPhone when they can renew their plan and get it for around $199+. As the prices change on the newest version, we will come back to this page to update it with any changes available. Remember that even though one company may have the cheapest it may not fit what you need depending on your usage of data and minutes so always make sure you compare between companies to find the best plan for your unique situation.

Current Winner: Sprint


  • Reply November 13, 2011


    What about looking at the speed of the services compared to the price you get. Just because Sprint is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s any better than the other two. Also would have liked to see T-Mobile thrown into the research. Either way its pretty cool and useful.

    • Reply November 13, 2011

      BuzzRaid Staff

      I agree that speed does matter for some but like I said in the post we weren’t looking at speed. Sprint will probably stay the cheapest for awhile since they just now got the iPhone but I will hopefully be able to update this post every once in awhile to figure out who is currently the cheapest available. As far as T-Mobile, they don’t currently have the iPhone even though you can use an unlocked version on their network. i may throw them in at a later date.

  • Reply November 29, 2011

    Jamie O.

    I want to get an iPhone from Sprint but I did see the thing right at checkout about the $10 surcharge. Now I’m hearing that Sprint may end up cutting all their unlimited data plans? I hope if they cut the unlimited data plans that they also take away the $10 fee which is basically paying for extra data.

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