Bold Poker – Upgrade Your Poker Night

Bold Poker iPhone iPad

The days of the house having an advantage and waiting for your friend to attempt a decent shuffle are over. Your poker night gets a serious upgrade with Bold Poker, an app for Apple devices that shuffles and deals cards. You start by placing an iPad (or iPhone) in the middle to show the flop and each player uses their iPhone or iPod Touch to see their cards. The app uses a shuffling algorithm to make sure the cards are always random and that there’s no tampering. After every shuffle the cards are sent to each player’s device using SSL encryption to make it impossible for any funny business to go on during the draw. The app does require a WiFi connection to work and is currently available for $1.99 for a limited time within the iTunes store. Upgrade your next poker game and take out the mundane tasks of shuffling and dealing with the Bold Poker app.

Price: $1.99

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