Best No-Contract iPhone Plan Options

No Contract iPhone

The popularity of prepaid and no-contract wireless plans has skyrocketed in recent years with many people fed up with being locked into multi-year contracts. Since the iPhone is one of the most popular phones out there right now we thought we would take a look at what options are available for getting a no-contract iPhone plan. The whole point of no-contract plans are to save money while not being locked into a long-term deal that you have no way of changing even a year down the line in some cases. Apple has made it tough for many carriers to get the phones but recently they opened it up to a few different cariers outside of the major wireless providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

There’s of course a downside to a no-contract plan and that’s the fact that you have to purchase the phone without the carrier subsidy. Instead of getting the phone for $99 you will end up paying around $500 or more. This may sound like a lot at first but the savings overtime will more than pay for the cost of the phone. The Apple store also has many different options for buying unlocked iPhones that include payment plans for those that are able to take advantage of this. The plans for no-contract iPhone’s are also much cheaper than major competitors with the Virgin Mobile plan being as low as $30 per month when you take advantage of all the discounts available.

Virgin Mobile
Virgin MobileAs far as no-contract plans go for the iPhone I would venture to say that Virgin Mobile is on top. Since it’s no-contract this means you will of course be paying full price for the phone in order to be able to use their network. As of right now the iPhone 4S 8GB is $349 and the 16GB model is $449.

Virgin Mobile runs on the Sprint Network so you can either check out the coverage map for Sprint or check Virgin Mobile’s coverage map on their website to make sure you can get their service in your area. Once you purchase your iPhone then you can select one of their no-contract plans that start at $35 per month for 300 minutes and go up to $55 for unlimited minutes. All of the plans come with unlimited text and data.

Cricket Wireless
Cricket WirelessCricket Wireless is another option for those looking to get an iPhone without a long-term contract. Like Virgin Mobile you will have to purchase the iPhone at full price from Apple or anywhere else you can find it unlocked such as Amazon, Ebay or many major retailers. Once you have the phone you can get it hooked up with one of their no-contract plans for smartphones that start at $25/month for 300 minutes and $35/month for 1,000 minutes. Their plans also come with unlimited data and messaging. They also offer a unique plan for $45/month that includes unlimited access to their library of music and ringtones.

As more no-contract options open up for the iPhone we will post them here on this page. As of right now most of the no-contract options for the iPhone are one phone behind which is why right now Virgin Mobile only offers the 4S while the iPhone 5 is already out at other wireless providers. You can also get various other phones from the providers we’ve featured such as those within the Samsung Galaxy series as well as many of the newest phones from HTC. Look through the options above and also make sure you check out the coupon pages linked in the left sidebar to get even better deals on select plans.

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    Cricket does offer service for the IPhones for talk and text, BUT is not able to fully support the media on the phone… so whats the point?
    As for Virgin… they offer a great plan for the Iphone, BUT you must purchase from them so they can “be equipped Virgin Mobile programmed” otherwise they will not service your Iphone. I found this out the hard way after purchasing TWO Iphone from the store and not being able to obtain service.

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