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iPad Mini Cases

The iPad Mini for most seems to be the perfect size by being small enough to be mobile while not being too small where tasks such as watching videos or typing out emails becomes hard. Due to the size and cost of this iPad Mini most want to make sure it’s well protected. This is why we’ve put together our list of the best cases for the iPad mini. This lists includes all different types of cases that range from the ultra-slim and fashionable cases to those that are built to withstand drops and shocks. Everyone needs something different with their case but we all want the top quality cases to avoid the large number of cheap and shoddy cases that essentially do nothing to protect your device.

In taking a look at the best iPad Mini cases on the market we used a variety of sources that includes those we used personally as well as taking thousands of reviews available on places like Amazon to curate a list of the top cases on the market. We will update this list as new cases come out that we feel should make this list.

The Joy Factory SmartSuit iPad Mini
Joy Factory SmartSuit Mini
The SmartSuit Mini by Joy Factory is a case that protects while being lightweight and fashionable. The case is slim in design with a hardshell back, flexible cover, and soft inner lining to avoid any scratching. The case has many different features such as doubling as a stand, preserving battery life by using the sleep function when closed, and having extra pockets to carry things like credit cards or ID cards. The case is perfect for most iPad Mini users as it’s tough enough to protect from everyday wear and tear but also light enough to not change the entire weight and shape that makes the device worth having. The SmartSuit retails for around $50 and is available in black, white/silver, bronze, and camo.

Otterbox Defender for iPad Mini
Otterbox Defender Series Hybrid
Otterbox is one of the best known brands in the industry and for good reason. You know that when you purchase an Otterbox product it’s going to be top quality and fit exactly to your device to protect without interfering with the usability. The Defender for the iPad series is a heavy-duty case built with a polycarbonate to protect from bumps and scratches along with a built-in screen protector. They also have silicone plug covers to make sure dust doesn’t build up in plugin areas like many cases. The back of the case can also be used as a stand for watching videos or typing by simply clicking it outwards and laying it in landscape mode. It’s hard to beat the quality of Otterbox and this is another in the line of heavy-duty cases they offer that lives up to their brand. The only downside is the cases retail for around $70 which is pretty expensive but you get what you pay for in many instances.

Griffin Survivor iPad Mini
Griffin Survivor for iPad Mini
The Griffin Survivor is another rugged case for the iPad Mini that will protect your device in some of the toughest conditions. The case is built to the standards set forth by the US Department of Defense with a display protector to defend against wind, rain, and scratches to an internal rigid frame that protects against shocks and drops. Just like the Otterbox Defender is also has silicone protectors to make sure dust and dirt doesn’t get into any connecting ports. The case retails for around $59 on Amazon and the Griffin website. They also currently hold a 4 out of 5 star rating.

The Ridge by DeviceWear for iPad Mini
The Ridge by DeviceWear for iPad Mini
The Ridge by DeviceWear is a case for the iPad mini that is both lightweight and think. The case is built with a polycarbonate hardshell back with a vegan leather (faux leather) cover and soft microfiber inside lining. The case will protect your iPad Mini from the basics and includes other features such as magnetic front, sleep/awake feature, and includes grooves for viewing your device at many different angles. The case has over 100 reviews on Amazon with the overwhelming majority being positive. The case is also one of the cheaper cases on the market for the features with most retailers selling it for around $30 including Amazon, eBags, Walmart and Newegg.

STM Skinny iPad Mini
STM Skinny for iPad Mini
The STM Skinny is a lightweight iPad Mini case that is built to add the minimal weight and bulk while still offering some basic protection. This isn’t the case you want if you’re going to be dropping your iPad or having a young kid play with it but for most it will do what you need. The case protects from basic bumps and scratches while offering some resistance to dust, dirt, and water. The case is made of a combination of hardshell plastic and a micro ripstop fabric. The case has the magnetic snaps like most other cases for iPad’s but goes a step further with the loop closure which can save your screen in the case of a hard drop.

What are your thoughts? Do you think another case should be added to the list? Leave your comments below.

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