Best Apps for Running (iPhone and Android)

iPhone and Android Apps for Running

No matter if you’re a beginning runner or a seasoned veteran you can use apps to not only keep track of your runs but also keep you motivated. The apps you use for running will keep track of different routes to run as well as other stats like calories burned, distance, and even heart rate when you purchase a monitor for your phone. Each app has it’s pros and cons but for the most part all of the apps featured give you the basics of what you need.

As you can see the list of the best apps for running include apps for both iPhone and Android that you can get through the iTunes store and Google Play store. For the most part the apps are your basic running apps but we even threw in one app for those who don’t want to go the traditional route and are looking for some adventure. Look through all of the apps below and let us know if we missed one.

Nike+ App
Nike Plus AppThe Nike+ iPhone app by Nike is one of the premier apps for tracking your fitness with not only the app but also the accessories that come with it such as the FuelBand, SportBand, and SportsWatch GPS. A strong-suit of the app is that it’s easy to set up and use. You put in your basic information and you can start tracking your runs using the GPS function of the iPhone. The app can then be synced with the Nike+ online program to give you more motivation towards your goal. The app is free within the iTunes and Google Play stores and takes just a few minutes to get set up for a run.

iSmoothRun AppiSmoothRun is one of the newer running apps to the scene but it’s probably the most impressive. The app has everything you could want from the tracking of your route via GPS to other features that include heart rate monitor, audio reports, weather reports, music integration, calorie tracking, extensive statistics, and also the important but often overlooked feature of exporting data so you can switch between apps. One of the other notable features is where you can race against yourself so you can gradually improve or at least not slump on your regular pace. The app is available for iPhone with a premium version with more features for $4.99.

RunKeeper AppRunKeeper is one of the most popular apps out for runners because of it’s simple interface that’s packed with features. No matter if you’re just looking to get the basics or looking for more advanced features such as training routines worked out for running specific distances such as a 5k or looking at other vital stats available within your account on their website. Another selling point is that you can track not only jogging or running but also cycling, skiing and much more through the app. RunKeeper is free for both the iPhone and Android phones.

MapMyRun AppMapMyRun is one of the most downloaded apps for running and even though it started out by focusing on tracking your running routes it’s transformed into something much more. You can map your exact routes in which you regularly runs or have the GPS track it for you while also detailing other information for your fitness such as calories, nutrition, heart rate, distance and more. This will allow you to see what you ate on a day when your running was lagging or to just keep you in line so you don’t waste the calories you burnt running on junk food. The app is free for iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry.

Zombies, Run!
Zombies Run AppThis isn’t your traditional running app but it will probably keep you more motivated than most. The Zombies, Run! app puts you into a story where you must escape hordes of zombies by running certain distances while keeping up a minimum speed to make sure you don’t get bitten. Once you get back to your place after the run you can use the supplies you earned along the way to help build up your area much like an RPG game. It’s a good app to keep you motivated while running if music isn’t your thing. The only downside is the app is $7.99 but it is available for both the iPhone and Android.

As you can see above, you can usually find a good free app for running no matter how advanced you want it to be. A few of the featured apps have more advanced versions or “pro versions” which have a small fee or monthly fee depending on the app. This will usually give you access to more features as well as profiles on their website. So check out these apps before you make your next run and leave a quick review below. Also let us know if we missed any apps that are good for keeping track of runs and other important stats.

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