Belkin Thunderstorm – Handheld Home Theater For The iPad

Belkin Thunderstorm

Enhance the audio and turn your iPad into a full home theater experience with the Belkin Thunderstorm. The device turns your iPad into a handheld home theater with high-quality audio and enclosures that provide a deep bass experience powered by Audifi sound processors. You can connect the case onto your iPad via the 30-pin connector or the newer lightning connector to also take advantage of the smart cover-like case that both covers and stands up the iPad. Once you get all that hooked up you just download the free Thunderapp to be able to customize the sound of the Thunderstorm in seconds.

The Belkin Thunderstorm is a solid addition for those who regularly watch movies and TV shows on the iPad or simply want to make up for the iPad’s lack of quality sound. You can pick up the Thunderstorm from Belkin and many major retailers such as Best Buy and the Apple Store for around $200.

Price: $199

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