6 Easy Tips for Longer Battery Life On The iPhone

iPhone Low Battery

The battery life of the iPhone can be unpredictable as sometimes it seems like it lasts forever while other times it feels like it’s telling us it’s about to die after just a few hours. Depending on what you’re doing with your phone it can change the life of a charge where watching videos and being on the phone is of course going to make it run down much quicker than if it’s somewhat idle. Here are a few quick tips to extending the life of your battery.

1. Tone Down Your Tasks
If you’re trying to preserve your battery the last thing you want to be doing is playing games, videos, or generally any tasks that drain more battery than a simple text or quick phone call. It may seem like common sense but many don’t seem to grasp that certain tasks on your phone such as streaming from Netflix takes up more battery than if you were simply sending out an email.

2. Turn Off Your Apps
When you run multiple apps at once they will slowly drain the battery until there’s nothing left. When you’re not using a certain app shut it down until you need to fire it up again. Apps will drain the battery even while they run in the background and those that pull in data such as location will use even more juice. To turn off the apps you’re not using simply double-click the home button and then hold you finger onto one of the app icons until it shows a red X.

3. Dim Your Screen
Dimming your screen is an easy way to slightly extend the life of your battery. In the same sense your laptop battery will also last longer in a dimmer light you can usually grab an extra 1%-3% of your battery life by dimming to the lowest level. To do this on most versions of iOS you need to go to settings > brightness & wallpaper then dim the brightness down to the level you want. Also while you’re at it turn off the auto brightness feature which will put the brightness back up to high in dark areas.

4. Turn Off Notifications
Every ring, beep, and alarm will drain down your battery. If you’re someone who gets dozens of text messages a day this can quickly run down your battery. You can save some battery by simply turning off many of your notifications, especially those for email and social networks as you usually don’t need these alerting you every few seconds. You can change your notifications by going to Settings and then Sounds. Once you’re into those settings you can change individual settings as well as even doing things like turning the sounds down on notifications. You can always just flip the switch on the side of your phone to go into silent mode when your battery is running down.

5. Turn Off Location Settings
Every time your phone has to ping your location it will drain your battery. If you’re using apps that tell you the weather or use your location to check in it will drain your battery. This is why when your battery is getting low you can save a little of the life by turning off your location settings. You do this by going into the settings. After you’re into the Settings are you next go to Privacy then simply click the area that says Location Services. Many people are turning off the location settings for privacy reasons since many apps can track your location without your complete knowledge.

6. Purchase A Battery Case
For those who find themselves out when the battery dies you may want to look into getting a battery case. A battery case is essentially just another battery pack within the case that will give you anything from an emergency charge to a complete charge depending on the model you buy. This is perfect for the power-user or for anyone in a blackout who needs to make a call to check on loved ones. There are various models available including those from Mophie as well as others such as the PhoneSuit Elite plus mobile chargers such as the Mophie Juice Pack Reserve. These cases and mobile battery packs can range from $30 to $150 depending on what you need.

What are your tips for extending the life of your iPhone battery?

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