5 Best Armbands for iPhone and Smartphones

Armband for Phone

The armband is one piece of equipment that can be essential when working out at the gym or jogging around the neighborhood. Having your phone stuck in your pocket constantly tugs at your headphone wires and leaves your phone in the perfect place to get hit by weights. Strapping your phone to your armband gets it out of the way and also gives it some basic protection.

We took a look at the various armbands on the market and by using reviews and personal experience we came up with a list of our top five. The armbands on the list share many of the same features but each seem to set themselves apart in some way. The features include glow in the dark bands that are perfect for runners to extra slots that hold your credit cards and ID. Look through our choices for the best armbands for your phone below and leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

Tune Belt Sports Armband for iPhone 4
Tune Belt Sports Armband
The Tune Belt Sports Armband is one of the most popular and highest rated armbands available on the market. They have various models available to fit all popular phone models. The armband simply straps on with velcro and holds your phone in the front with a thin plastic cover. They also sell an armband extender for those who are going to put it over a jacket or any other bulky material. The strap isn’t very long so if you aren’t going to wear it right on your skin then I would pick up the extender. You can buy the armband up for around $15 on Amazon.

Sporteer Armband
Sporteer Armband
The Sporteer Armband is another simple armband that fits the iPhone, iPod Touch, and most other regular-size smartphones. The feature that sets the Sporteer apart from many others in this category is the fact that it also has a secondary pocket for cash, credit cards, and ID cards. This can be a huge asset for those who run or bike long distances where they may need some extra storage for those items but can’t throw them in a pocket. You can find the armband for around the $25 mark at most retailers.

iLuv Armband Case
iLuv A Santé: Sports Armband
The iLuv A Sante is a unique armband for working out and running. The armband has many features including an elastic strap and protective case that protects from scratches and bumps. The armband is one of the more popular armbands because of it’s reflective strips and its ability to glow in the dark. These two features make it popular with runners who are always looking for ways to stay visible to drivers in low-light conditions. You can find the armband for as low as $13 but other retailers have sold it as high as $35.

Incipio iPhone Sport Armband
Incipio Performance Sport Armband
The Incipio Performance Sport Armband comes in a variety of models for all types of phones and MP3 players. The armband is made of a breathable neoprene along with high quality velcro straps and a built-in audio jack to give it sleeker look and fit. The armband is available in both long and short sizes. The retail price is listed at $29.99 at most locations.

Belkin Dual-Fit Armband
Belkin Dual-Fit Armband
The Dual-Fit armband by Belkin is made to be lightweight with an ultra-slim fit. The armband is made of materials that wick away moisture and also have a case that protects your phone while still making it easy to use. The Dual-Fit is built specifically for the iPhone 4 but will fit various other phones. The price ranges we’ve seen range from $24 to $28 depending on the retailer.

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