$100 Off Coupon for iPad, iPad Mini, and 4G LTE Tablets from Sprint

iPad Mini Coupon from Sprint

Sprint is offering a deal where you can get $100 off 4G LTE tablets and the Apple iPad when you purchase it with a smartphone. This means that when you buy just about any smartphone from Sprint with a new contract you can get an instant discount of $100 off 4G LTE tablets and the latest version of the iPad. They have a variety of tablets available including the iPad Mini, iPad, Motorola Xoom, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Sprint has data plans for tablets that start at just $10 per month with no sharing of data with other devices on your plan.

This deal expires on January 10th at midnight EST. You must purchase a smartphone with a new 2-year agreement as well as a tablet as specified on the page through the link below. The page shows you all of the available tablets with this deal including other devices you can get discounts on when you purchase a smartphone. Continue through the link to access this promotion.

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